Give a Gift for Peace

Give a Gift for Peace
December 17, 2013 Echo

Dear Friend of Echo Parenting & Education,

Your support and commitment to nonviolent child raising is changing the parenting paradigm! Whether you have been a participant, a donor, (or both!), you are a crucial part of a movement to create resilient families and safer communities.

Your contribution will help to:
* Provide access to our classes for thousands of parents this coming year, many of whom are working to end intergenerational violence in their families.
* Provide FREE childcare for our Saturday classes and ongoing support group
* Provide training to those who care for and educate children, empowering them to bring the practice of nonviolent child raising to their school, community and workplace.
* Develop new programming that allows us to reach more and more families and extend our services geographically.Thank you for your support and we wish you the best for the holiday season.

Echo Parenting & Education


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