Trauma & Resilience Trainings

Trauma & Resilience Trainings

Echo brings you one-day trainings on trauma and resilience for trauma survivors and professionals working with survivors. It provides a solid grounding in the cutting-edge science behind trauma and resilience as applied through survivor wisdom and insight.

Trauma & Resilience Part I
Provides a general overview of trauma and how to become trauma-informed, including skill-building around how to provide healing within relationship.

Trauma & Resilience Bundle – I, II, & III
The three part Trauma & Resilience training provides a more in-depth look at the cutting-edge science surrounding childhood trauma, plus offers additional skills to help professionals develop a trauma-informed practice.

“To say that the trauma training I went to opened my eyes and educated me and changed my life is an understatement. And not just me, I could see it in the room at the end of the training day with everyone. It’s empowering and gives us all a chance at recovery for ourselves and/or to help others. 

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