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“I love the posters I ordered. I put two in my office and 2 out in the waiting room of the Behavioral Health and Psychiatry Clinic at UCSF Childrens’ Hospital Oakland, where I work. I placed the two in my office right next to me so that they are easy to view while I’m at my desk or for my patients to view while I’m typing at my desk and they are looking in my direction. About 90% of the patients I see in Alameda County (Oakland area of California) have some sort of trauma, thus the posters help them break down the impacts of trauma, how they can move forward, and then how we can use a recovery lens to understand how trauma can cause people to feel, think, or act (what can we do differently to help the child create a different way of think/feeling/behaving). I’ve encouraged some of my colleagues to purchase the poster as well.”

Trauma-Informed Guidelines

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