Congratulations to staff member Susan Hess

Congratulations to staff member Susan Hess
September 30, 2013 Echo

On Wednesday, October 9, the Los Angeles City Domestic Violence Task Force will present the 2013 Dr. Marjorie Braude Award to Echo Parenting’s Director of Intimate Partner Violence Programming Susan Hess. She will receive the award for her extraordinary contributions in helping Echo Parenting organize and lead a collective of agencies and individuals to produce the Trauma-Informed Nonviolent Standards of Care (TINSOC).

Mayor Eric Garcetti will be presiding over the event and Susan will have the opportunity to speak about Echo, our work on TINSOC and its great potential for larger institutional change.

Echo Parenting is very proud that our staff member is being acknowledged by the city and we are honored to have led this ground-breaking project, one that aims to transform the organizational culture of agencies and institutions to better serve families and children who have experienced violence and trauma.

TINSOC’s growing partnership of public and private agencies seek to implement a trauma-informed, nonviolent approach to services as well as emphasize the importance of nonviolent child raising in order to break the cycle of violence in families.

This is exciting work – the real beginnings of institutional support of nonviolent parenting!

If you’d like to know more about TINSOC, please contact us at (213) 484-6676.


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